CCI Nouvelle Aquitaine

CCI Nouvelle Aquitaine chooses Belharra to optimize budget tracking with IBM Planning Analytics

The CCI Nouvelle Aquitaine wanted to equip itself with a budget reporting solution, which it proposed at the territorial level.

The finance department was behind the request, looking for flexibility and responsiveness in project-based reporting for operational departments.

Belharra, a trusted partner for the CCI Nouvelle Aquitaine

"This type of multi-dimensional analysis solution is essential to the job of management controller.

About us

At the interface between businesses and public authorities, the New Aquitaine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI NA) coordinates and supports the activities of the network of 14 Territorial CCIs.

The CCI NA federates all the CCIs of the Region around a collective and participative reflection and thus defines, a shared vision of the economic development of New Aquitaine and the axes of work for the 2017/2021 mandate.

It is a partner of the NA Regional Council in the deployment of a number of business and regional economic development schemes.

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