DocuWare solution

A platform to dematerialize, automate and revolutionize business processes. Boost your employees' productivity by eliminating redundant and unnecessary tasks.

  • Collecting and organizing information
  • Document processing and workflow management
  • Display of decision-support content
  • Interoperability
  • Data security
  • Access and mobility
  • Regulations & traceability
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Sales / Marketing
  • Quality

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Belharra Numérique, your trusted DocuWare integrator partner

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Continuous innovation

Docu'Analytics: Boost DocuWare applications

EDM is becoming central to organizations, and stored metadata represents a wealth of information to be exploited for business management purposes. Belharra Numérique can enrich your DocuWare projects by putting innovation and R&D at the heart of its Docu'Anlaytics module.

  • Natively connected to your DocuWare platform
  • Access portal to key DocuWare functions
  • Metadata expressed as performance indicators

DocuWare has established itself as a versatile, open solution capable of adapting with operational support and highly efficient involvement of the publisher's resources.

Belharra & DocuWare

DocuWare is used by 18,000 customers in 90 countries, and supported by a network of 650 partners worldwide.

Belharra, France's leading DocuWare production capacity, is now France's 6th largest integrator.

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Belharra, Platinum Partner DocuWare, vous accompagne dans vos projets de dématérialisation.

To support a responsible digital approach

Centralizing information

Limit the proliferation of files and document silos

Streamlining exchanges

Reduce the number of emails and avoid attachments

Complying with the RGPD

Securing data and processes

Save energy

Pooling servers in the cloud